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Thanks to investments in higher education, health care and technology, our area has experienced tremendous success over the past few decades. Even when other areas of the country were gripped by economic downturns, our community continued to grow and demonstrates no prospects of slowing. In fact, we are expected to continue unparalleled prosperity as far into the future as anyone cares to project. Our economic outlook is exceedingly bright.

As leaders in our area's growth, we are proud to be a part of realizing Westover's vision: The City on the Rise!


With the Gateway Center expanding and the West Ridge Business Park under construction, there is no better place to do business than Westover.


Numerous businesses have already moved into our Gateway Center and construction of 2,300,000 square feet of space scheduled for our West Ridge Business Park, Westover will be adding…

  • A hospital

  • Auto dealers

  • Numerous restaurants

  • Countless shops

  • Professional office space

  • Gas station

  • Hotel

  • A FedEx national distribution center

Joining in on our success is easy: Give us a call at (304) 296-6860 and we'll get you started. Also, be sure to check out our packet for new businesses here.

Online maps...​

Westover Zoning Map - Overall

Westover Wards-Overall

View of the West Ridge Business Park


The City on the Rise!

Give us a call at (304) 296-6582.

Questions on billing and business related paperwork

issues can be directed to

Business Downloads

City of Westover business forms are provided below in PDF format. To download a form, simply click on the corresponding photo.

Business Registration Form

Business and Occupation (Gross Sales) Tax

Homeland Security and MECCA 9-1-1 Registration

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