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Painting hangs in City Council Chambers

A caption with the painting reads:

Presented to Westover Mayor Joe Bartolo

For the City of Westover

From council person Edie Viola


What an exciting time to be a resident of Westover! Not only is our City experiencing unprecedented economic growth but our City boundaries continue to expand. While we’re just beginning to experience the benefits of this growth, the prosperity that lies ahead is exciting. Ten years from now our citizens will experience a host of services that those of us today would find incredible.


However, despite our current and future growth, the one thing that will never change is the fact that the City is here for you. To assist, we offer the below directory of staff serving the City of Westover. If you have a question or need anything please do not hesitate to let us know.


Together, we are truly The City on the Rise!

City Hall Contact Information

500 Dupont Road

Westover, WV 26501

Phone: (304) 296-6860 FAX: (304) 296-6582

City Hall Extensions

x108  Mayor Bob Lucci

x103  Sandra Weis, City Clerk

x107  Karen Mason, Finance Director

x111  Kellie Neville, DMCC (Court Clerk)        

x105  Christa Minor, Billing Clerk

x112  Jennifer Hunt, Administrative Asst.       

x117  William Kennedy, Code Enforcement       

x104  Jason Stinespring, Director of Public Works

Police Department: (304) 296-6576

Fire Department: (304) 296-0840

City Attorney: Tim Stranko (304) 225-0970

Monongalia Emergency Centralized Communications Agency (MECCA)

Dispatch Center

Non-emergency: (304) 599-6382


Morgantown Utility Board
(for water and sewer services)
(304) 292-8443

First Energy (Mon Power)
(800) 686-0022

(855) 295-7655

(866) 787-2637

Dominion Gas
(800) 688-4673

Westside Telecom
(304) 983-2211


Online maps...


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